Greensburg woman shot by neighbor cleaning firearm

The accidental shooting occurred in these apartments.

A Greensburg woman was accidentally shot Monday evening after a neighbor's gun discharged while he was cleaning it, according to Greensburg Police. 

The shooting happened on the second floor of an apartment building in the 500 block of west First Street. The victim was sitting on her couch watching television. A neighbor, in an adjacent apartment, was cleaning a nine-millimeter handgun around 5:30 Monday night. 

"He felt that it had been completely cleared," explained Greensburg Police Chief Brendan Bridges, "when he went to cycle and we're not sure, at that point, what exactly happened, but the firearm did discharge."

A single bullet went through the wall, then through the victim's couch and finally into her side. 

"It is a shock that this does happen," said Chief Bridges of the accidental shooting. 

She was flown from Greensburg to Indianapolis for emergency surgery. 

"We take firearm safety very serious, just because, like I said, we have, unfortunately experienced this in the town," said Chief Bridges. 

Two years ago, 13-year-old Craig Roberts was killed after his 6-year-old brother accidentally shot him inside their home.

"I was really heartbroken that I thought he never kissed a girl," said Craig's mother during a vigil in 2014 days after her sons' death, "but I found out he did get his first kiss. It puts a little peace within me."

"Should never happen. Shouldn't ever happen," said Mike Mentz, speaking about accidental shootings. The owner of Guns and Tackle in Greensburg demonstrated clearing a gun, as he says people should always do before cleaning a weapon. 

"The first safety we always teach is keep your finger off the trigger, unless you intend to use it," said Mentz. 

He preaches and teaches gun safety daily at his shop.

"If you take the responsibility to carry a gun, you have to take that same responsibility to protect everybody around you and too many people take shortcuts," explained Mentz, who is also a former Marine. 

The woman shot at the apartment Monday will survive. 

"Yes, she is very lucky," said Chief Bridges. 

But it's a reminder - gun safety is key. 

"Always treat a firearm as it's loaded and never point it at anybody, make sure it's done in a safely manner because, unfortunately things, tragically happen," explained Chief Bridges. 

At last check the victim was listed in stable condition at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis. 

No charges have been filed but the investigation is ongoing.