Greenfield police investigating numerous car break-ins


GREENFIELD, Ind. (WTHR) - Greenfield police are looking for help tracking down a couple people they say are breaking into cars.

Neighbors Eyewitness News talked with say this isn't the first time they’re dealing with crime like this.

You may not see them in the light of day, but when darkness falls, thieves are showing up in the Copeland Farms neighborhood.

“Early in the morning, 4 a.m., is not time for kids to be out,” said Heather Grigsby, who lives in the neighborhood.

The video that Greenfield Police officers posted on their Facebook page has a timestamp that says 4 a.m.

Police say the two people seen in the clip have been taking stuff from cars.

Just last Friday, six break-ins were reported in that neighborhood.

And few weeks earlier, there were just as many in a single day in that same area. Most of those happened at night.

“It's terrible,” said Jennifer Redinger, who also lives in that neighborhood. “This is supposed to be a nice community and very family-friendly and now we have to deal with, I think, it's teenagers coming through here.”

In a lot of these cases, police tell us people are just leaving their doors unlocked. Then once inside, the thieves are taking anything worth taking. That could be sunglasses, cell phones, wallets, in one case, they took thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment and a gun all from a single car.

Neighbors have watched the video and are frustrated by what they see.

“Not too happy about it,” said Billy Floyd. “It's one of the reasons we came up this direction from down south, is because it seemed more safe.”

“They seem really confident that they're not going to get caught,” said Redinger, as she watched the video. “They're not even scared. They don't care.”

Even though the demeanor of those suspects is easy to spot, police admit it's hard to tell who they might be, but they hope getting the video out will get people talking. And so far, it is.

“Being a mom, it scares me,” said Grigsby. “I think, ‘if they're getting in cars, is it going to be a home next?’”

Neighbors say they already keep an eye out and now plan to do so even more.

“If I hear something at night, I will come and look out and take a look at the cars,” said Ken Smith.

People who lives in the area say they plan to take initiative to keep their part of town safe from those suspects or any others.

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