Grandma goes viral after accidentally recording selfie video


PHOENIX (WTHR) — An Arizona grandmother trying out her new smartphone for the first time is going viral after she accidentally started recording a video in selfie mode.

Adrienne Gutowski's granddaughter shared the video of her grandmother trying out the new phone.

While turning on the phone, Gutowski accidentally turned on the camera and started recording.

"Why did my phone turn into a mirror," she asks her granddaughter, Apryl Gastelum. "I'm looking at my face and, oh my, look at all these wrinkles!"

Gastelum realizes her grandmother accessed the front camera and tells her to take a selfie.

"A selfie? What the heck is a selfie?" she asks. "This is supposed to be a smartphone. It's not that smart."

She then says she's confused and wants her flip phone back.

By the end of the video, Gastelum realized her grandma has was recording the whole thing.

For now, Gutowski is still adjusting to her new device.