Gov. Pence signs bill to make overdose intervention drugs more accessible

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has signed a bill to make overdose intervention drugs more accessible.

The measure is designed to allow individuals to obtain drugs like Nalaxone or Narcan. Those drugs are used to save individuals who have overdosed on opioids, including heroin. Currently, only health professionals have the ability to administer this drug. The bill (SEA 406) had bipartisan support.

The news couldn't come fast enough for some Indiana communities struggling with heroin and other addictions.

In Scott County, a heroin epidemic has led to an HIV outbreak, with addicts sharing used needles. The governor authorized local health authorities to conduct a month-long needle exchange to stem the outbreak.

In Hendricks County, 100 people gathered this week to discuss the growing problem of heroin use, with Plainfield Police Sgt. Todd North explaining to residents that heroin has "taken over," saying that police deal with it on a daily basis.

Hendricks County law enforcement said it's to the point where not a week goes by that they don't see at least one heroin overdose.