GoShare app offers services to make moving easier with a click

Image of GoShare app. (Photo: WTHR)
Moving Services Offered Through GoShare App
Making Moving Easier with GoShare App

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Moving can be a real pain.

A new service that just launched in Indianapolis is looking to make it just a little easier. Plus, they're looking to hire.

It's called GoShare and it operates somewhat like Uber but for moving. Using an app on your phone, you can request a driver in one of five different size vehicles to help you. This can be for something as simple as getting your new TV home or for helping you move from home to home.

"If you're a shopper and you say, 'Ugh, I want that couch, I want that big screen TV'," says Christian Hastings, with GoShare,"if the big decision there is 'Can I get it home now?', we're really good at doing that."

The company says they need more drivers in Indianapolis.

"It kind of goes to that side hustle thing," says Hastings. "Drivers can just clock in and clock out whenever they want and we'll send notifications out when jobs are available."

  • If you have a pickup truck you can sign up to help move big items like couches and TV's and you can make up to $62 dollars an hour.
  • If you have a box truck, you can make up to $71 dollars an hour.
  • If you have an SUV, minivan, or car, you can actually sign up as well to help move small boxes and parcels. You can make up to $33 dollars an hour.

Drivers have to pass a background check and a vehicle inspection.

When you hire a driver, the company covers that trip with insurance in case something happens or breaks while moving.

You can learn more at GoShare.com.

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