Good Boy Dog Beer offers options for furry friends

Good Boy Dog Beer flavors. (Courtesy: Good Boy Dog Beer / Megan Long - founder)

(WTHR) — After a long hot day, some of us crack open a cold one to relax.

Now your furry friend can do that as well.

Good Boy Dog Beer is offering a non-alcoholic brew your pup can drink and it is actually healthy for them.

There are four different flavors you can chose from including: the IPA "Lot In The Yard" which is pork-based, the Mailman Malt Licker which is chicken-based, the Session Squirrel which is veggie-based, and the Crotch Sniffin' Ale which is peanut-based.

The doggy brews cost between $5 and $18. You can also get a gift basket for $40.

The problem is they are all sold out right now. so you'll have to keep checking back for when more become available.