'GoBabyGo' program helps children meet physical therapy goals with special wheels

"GoBabyGo" at IU helps children with with motor and cognitive developmental delays by providing adapted battery-powered cars and four-wheelers to help these kids move in their environment. (Photo provided)
On The Move Thanks to Go Baby Go
Go Baby Go Donations

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A special program at IUPUI is giving kids with physical challenges the power to go.

And Sunday, several of those children got to try out their new rides for the first time.

The "GoBabyGo" program modifies electronic cars to increase kids' mobility.

Physical therapy students, engineers and volunteers evaluate each child.

Then they adapt the vehicle to that child's needs, whether it's a five-point harness or a special support or starter.

Each car also gets personalized colors and characters, too.

Then the kids are able to play with their friends and get around like they couldn't before.

"To watch the parents have their kids like become more independent because of these cars is just a huge thing for me," said IUPUI grad student Cara Schaadt.

"It comes from a place of love from the parents," said Pediatric Physical Therapist, Dr. Sara Davis. "It comes from the love and the passion of the students and the other physical therapists that help modify these cars and just in general form a huge place of caring."

Four Indiana children got their cars today.

These vehicles aren't cheap and they're funded completely through donations.

If you'd like to donate, click here.

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