Get Colts-ready for the final game of the regular season

Colts-themed gear available at The Shop in Broad Ripple (WTHR image by Anna Carrera)
Colts pregame Sunrise
Colts watching Rockstone in Fishers

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — It's a big night for Colts nation as they take on the Tennessee Titans on Sunday Night Football. Many fans have already left for Nashville to see the show in person, but plenty more will be staying back to watch from home.

Local stores, like The Shop in Broad Ripple, have seen a bump in business because of the Colts success so far this season. They sell shirts, hats and some specialty items with unique designs if you still want to pick up something blue with horseshoes.

Another way to get in the Colts spirit is to pick up a book. Andrew Luck has a book club and one of his selections this month is called, "Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life." The book is about the power of taking risks and pursuing dreams, which is what fans hope the Colts do on Sunday night.