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Cyber Monday

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — For the holiday shoppers who prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes, Cyber Monday is here. No need to get outside to wait in line trying to beat others to the last TV on sale. Get all the best deals right on your phone or computer.

Some retailers rolled out their Cyber Monday deals days ago. Amazon started offering its deals on Saturday, and they'll be available until Dec. 1.

Shoppers will find some of the biggest savings from Amazon on their electronic devices. Get a new Echo dot for just $25.

But people who are looking for toys and clothes for the kids will also find nice savings. See Amazon's full list of Cyber Monday savings here.

There are some resources that will make finding Cyber Monday deals a little bit easier:

  • Google Chrome's Honey plugin: Plugins are software that you can add on to browsers for more functions. The Honey plugin will automatically apply available coupon codes to your shopping cart at checkout so you don't have to go looking for discount codes anymore.
  • Cyber Monday app: BuyVia has developed the Cyber Monday 2018 Deals & Ads app for apple devices. It lets users search for deals at major retail stores like Target, Walmart and Macy's all in one place.
  • SlickDeals app: SlickDeals is community-driven, so actual customers share their reviews, ratings and daily deals on popular products and stores. Find Cyber Monday deals by using the the "popular deals" tab.

The Better Business Bureau has tips for making the most of your Cyber Monday. From protecting your purchasing to making sure you're seeing the best deals, the BBB is giving consumers the best ways to mindful online holiday shopping.

  • Sometimes the lowest priced items aren't really the lowest priced items. Be sure to check shipping costs and return fees if the item doesn't work out — those might make your sweet deal a little sour. It's also a good idea to review retailers before purchasing their products, and stay away from companies with bad track records.
  • Scroll past the first page of the search results. Seventy-five percent of users don't, and you may be missing out on useful links or other ways to formulate your search.
  • Utiilize the "+" and "-" keys in your searches. It's a useful trick to focus your online searches. Adding the "+" will including any words that come after it. Adding the "-" sign will exclude any words that come after it. So if you're interested in a computer, but you don't want to see any tablets, try searching "computer - tablet."
  • Try different search engines. Yes, we know Google is the immediate go-to for many people. But different search engines use different algorithms that will provide different results. You may find better luck in what you want to shop for with results from other search engines. Also, don't rule out searching on social media, or directly on retail sites.
  • Shop with a credit card. They have more protections than debit card should fraud potentially become an issue. As for prepaid gift cards, they don't have the same benefits as credit cards, but remember you can only lose the value of the card itself, and it's not tied to a bank account.

On the topic of credit card fraud, always keep that threat top of mind when online shopping. Cybersecurity experts say Cyber Monday is the perfect environment for attackers because shoppers are easily distracted and so many shoppers (164 million people between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday) means ample opportunity.

Adrien Gendre, North American CEO of email security provider Vade Secure, says people have grown to expect too-good-to-be-true deals, so their guard is down. Because of that, consumers are at more risk to fall victim to phishing attacks and spam emails. New research shows fraud losses this year are expected to hit $22 billion.

There are ways to protect yourself from scams while shopping the deals. Consider these five reminders:

  1. Buy directly from store websites, not search engines.
  2. Beware of pop-up coupons.
  3. Don't shop on public Wi-Fi.
  4. Remember to log out of websites when you're finished shopping.

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