Georgia family releases video of caretakers beating disabled man in care facility


GORDON, Ga. (WTHR) — A Georgia family has released video of caretakers beating their loved one in a facility for patients with disabilities.

Joey Cason is a 55-year-old man who is "severely mentally disabled," according to his lawyer. Cason's family admitted him to a Georgia care facility called Total Care when they could no longer care for him. But they later discovered those workers were not caring for him either, after video from a Nov. 7, 2013 attack showed the staff repeatedly hitting and punching Carson with a belt and their hands.

Warning: This video is graphic and may difficult for some audience to watch.

Although the video is from 2013 and there is still an ongoing lawsuit, the family said they released it now to shed light on similar situations happening all over the state.

Police charged a caretaker with battery and abuse and neglect of an elder person in the case. There is an ongoing case with the facility's former owner.

The state revoked Total Care's license after an investigation into the incident. Cason is now in a different home, and his attorney said he's doing well.

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