George H.W. Bush shaved his head for Secret Service son diagnosed with leukemia

President George H.W. Bush shaved his head in honor of a Secret Service agent's son who was diagnosed with Leukemia. (Photo: U.S. Secret Service/Twitter)

(WTHR) – As the nation mourns the loss of Former President George H.W. Bush, the Secret Service shared a touching memory of the 41st president Tuesday.

In 2013, Bush shaved his head along with about 20 other Secret Service agents after they found out that a service member's 2-year-old son had been diagnosed with leukemia.

Bush was 89 at the time.

The gesture also held some significance to Bush because nearly 60 years before, Bush and his wife, Barbara, had lost their 3-year-old daughter, Robin, to leukemia.

In an interview on the Today Show, Bush said, "Little Patrick had leukemia. A lot of the agents shaved their heads. Why not me? It was the right thing to do."