Gary Brackett's life turned into a movie

Gary Brackett discusses his new movie. (WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — One of Indy’s Super Bowl champs is taking his life story to the big screen and wants to give others a chance to help make his movie.

If the movie trailer is any indication for the movie simply titled "Brackett," Gary Brackett will score a touchdown in theaters every where. Brackett wore number 58 as a Colts player who started as a walk-on and rose to be one of the team's most respected leaders.

The "Brackett" trailer is packed full of emotion. It starts with his voice saying, “People used to cheer for me on Sunday, scream my name. Sometimes in admiration, sometimes in disgust."

"Brackett" is all inspired by the former player's 2011 autobiography. He wrote the book after months of recovering emotionally after losing people he loved to unexpected deaths. You can describe him as a giant teddy bear whom you never would want to exchange tackles with on the gridiron. His power and strength on the football field became a well-known characteristic in pro football.

Brackett wrote the book as one way to encourage and inspire others to pursue their dreams and more importantly to believe. A couple of years after finishing the book, a conversation helped launch him in a new direction.

“In 2013 someone called me and said hey this should be a movie,” Brackett said.

The emotional movie trailer depicts Brackett's ups and downs and his relationship with his father, who purposely pushed him during his young football days.

“I would come home and I was like, 'Dad, I had 4 touchdowns, 150 yards, 15 tackles' and he would be like, 'No, you had 3 and 2.' I'm like, 'What's that?' He would say, 'You had three missed tackles and two fumbles,” Brackett said.

But Brackett learned his dad was proud of him.

“I would hear him on the phone bragging to his friends about my accomplishments,” Brackett said.

His mother had a tremendous influence on him and his character as well. He learned the importance of family support from her as she attended every one of his football games.

Brackett continued to work harder and smarter leading to the best news he could hear from his coach, that he was on the Colts radar. Even hearing that, Gary’s father didn’t stop pressing him to give his dream more effort.

“In his mind, loving me, was challenging me,” Brackett said.

After finishing a successful NFL career, and starting a family, Brackett opened restaurants like Georgia Reese's followed by a chain of Stacked Pickle restaurants. He suffered losses along the way and even faced shutdowns. But Brackett is now a successful businessman and has become a sought after keynote speaker for companies looking to motivate employees. He is open about the ups and downs in both his professional, personal and business life.

“In life, I don't look at it as a loss,” Brackett said. “I see it as a lesson.”

That's why when he started making a movie based on his life, he turned down Hollywood investors. Brackett was concerned about changes to his story and was committed to making sure the movie was authentic. To fund it, he is inviting his football fans and strangers to have a part in the making of "Brackett."

“For as little as $110 you can be an investor in a movie,” Brackett said. “I thought, 'what better way for an underdog story for someone who was not suppose to make it, was not suppose to be there, that resonates with so many people?'"

You can invest in "Brackett" starting Jan. 23. The Super Bowl XLI champion hopes to have the movie ready to debut by that start of the 2021 NFL season.

“I want someone to watch this movie and think to themselves, 'I can do that,'” Brackett said. “So if someone can watch the film and think to themselves wow, I can accomplish my dreams, then I have done my job.”

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