Game day snow removal is an orchestrated process at Arrowhead Stadium

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Kansas City Stadium Snow Preps
Arrowhead snow removal plan

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (WTHR) - Colts fans will remember the snowy scene in Buffalo in December, 2017.

A blizzard hit while the Colts took on the Bills.

It will be cold in Kansas City for this weekend's playoff game, but we shouldn't see anything like the Buffalo blizzard.

And if there's snow on or before game day, it'll take workers 8 hours to clear it.

They use a top-down process to remove snow inside the stadium.

Crews start in the upper bowl and work their way down, removing snow from seats, aisles and rows.

Workers use large metal chutes and dumpsters to get it out of the stadium.

They've got to be done by the time fans arrive.

"It's almost like we've got to do our job and disappear. The Chiefs fans are diehard and they're here early and ready," said a stadium employee.

And one of the warmest places to be on game day is the field. Even if the air is freezing, the field will be heated to 60 degrees, thanks to heated water pipes that run below sand under the stadium turf.