Fundraising underway to 'Keep Ann Dancing' on Mass Ave

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UPDATE: Indianapolis Cutural Trail, Inc. has announced a matching challenge for the Keep Ann Dancing campaign. Now through 12 p.m. today, June 7, Glick Philanthropies has offered to match all contributions to keep the Ann Dancing campaign up to $5,000. By doing so, this will give people an opportunity to double the impact of their donation.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - If you've visited Mass Ave in downtown Indianapolis, you've probably seen "Ann Dancing." Her amber sway has become an iconic selfie hotspot over the past decade.

But the electronic Ann Dancing frame is dark now. The years have been a little rough on Ann.

Did you know she was actually intended to be a temporary installation?

She's undergone several temporary repairs over the years but now needs serious work to stay up and dancing for the future.

On Thursday, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail launched a fundraising campaign to keep Ann Dancing.

"It's time that we give her a sustainable upgrade," said Karen Haley, Indianapolis Cultural Trail. "She needs some help. She needs some work on her insides and we want to do that so we can all keep dancing with her for years to come."

The campaign needs to raise more than $262,000 over the next month.

Learn how you can help by clicking here.

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