Frustrated residents say flooding routinely cuts off access to neighborhood

Southside neighborhood flooding
Neighborhood cut off by high water

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WTHR) - The heavy rain that fell recently is leaving people in one Brownsburg neighborhood trapped in their homes.

They say it's an issue long overdue for a fix.

It's a one-street neighborhood on Eaker Court on Brownsburg's north side.

At midday Wednesday, the water at the entrance to the neighborhood was still several inches deep. It was inaccessible earlier in the morning to anyone with a smaller car, when the depth measured over a foot.

"We've got a lot of older residents," said Dan Lindsey.

The road floods further down the street as well. We saw video shot last summer, showing kids swimming in Eaker Court.

Attendance was way down Wednesday at Snugs and Hugs Day Care because parents could not drive through the high water.

"It's just aggravating," said Tammy Baird, director of the day care.

More than once, during previous flooding, fire trucks have delivered children from Snugs and Hugs to their parents. Residents say the problem goes back over 30 years but seems to be getting worse.

Workers from the county surveyors office assessed the drainage problem Wednesday, providing some hope that maybe a solution is finally coming.

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