Fraternity ordered to cease operations after rape allegation


INDIANAPOLIS - A local university that made the national spotlight for basketball is now the focus of a sexual assault investigation on campus. Butler University Police and students talked with Eyewitness News about allegations and trouble for the fraternity involved.

Phi Kappa Psi fraternity members at Butler are in trouble for what allegedly happened at their unauthorized house party. A female student says a male student sexually assaulted her during the party.

The news got around campus pretty fast.

"They are known for having activities on weekends and stuff and I assume that will be gone for a while," said Lance Rinker, Butler University junior.

The alleged sexual assault reportedly happened upstairs at the fraternity house. The victim says a male freshman followed her from room to room as they took shots of alcohol.

The next day, the student who oversees her dorm brought her to campus police headquarters.

"Notified faculty, staff and students of the incident and it is under investigation currently," said Benjamin Hunter, Butler University Police chief.

The investigation into the alleged sexual assault at Butler is ongoing and police do have a person of interest. That's one reason why police say female students should not be afraid.

"At this point it appears that this is not a serial rapist. It appears that it is student on student," said Chief Hunter.

The university ordered Phi Kappa Psi to cease operations.

"I think they should be somewhat responsible for the people they let in their house. That is something that they know they are responsible for," said Caroline Moore, Butler sophomore.

The person of interest continues to go to classes on campus as Butler police decide where the case goes from here.

CLARIFICATION:  An earlier version of this report mentioned that the male student was possibly an athlete.  Butler officials have clarified that the student in question is not a Butler athlete.