The Franklin College football team has a secret weapon

The Franklin College football team agrees that volunteer assistant coach, Emry Himes, is their secret weapon. (WTHR)

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WTHR) — If you look closely at the sidelines during a Franklin College football game you might spot the teams secret weapon.

It's not a player or a secret route. It's the volunteer assistant coach Emry Himes.

"It was an easy decision to have him join our staff, and it's just developed into something really special for both our players and our coaches," Head Coach Mike Leonard said.

Franklin College Head Football Coach Mike Leonard and assistant volunteer coach Emry Himes. (WTHR)

Emry is a graduate of Franklin College and an avid football fan.

"He just brings a lot of energy, and he's a lot of fun to be around," quarterback Robbie Strader said. "He's always asking us all how are day was."

"He's a high fiver. He says, 'What's up Bro' to everybody that he meets," Coach Leonard said. "I'm 37 years older than him, and he calls me bro. It's just a unique relationship that we all have with him."

Emry said his role is to keep the players pumped up.

"[I say] get out there, win and then go out there, play hard, work hard," Emry said.

His teammates said they couldn't be happier to have him around.

"Every time he shows up to practice or games he's got a smile on his face," Coach Leonard said. "He doesn't care about what's going on in the day, whether we are winning or losing."

"I'll run off the sideline and he'll be like, 'Hey, good job man'," quarterback Braden Smith said. "He either fires us up or if it's a rough day and I look over and he's just dancing to his own music and he's cheering us up."

From the outside looking it one might think this relationship is so beneficial for Emry. The players said it's the other way around.

"I think we all get much more out of it," Smith said.

"Definitely us," Strader agrees. "He's just he's so positive all the time."

"I want to be like him in many regards," Coach Leonard said. "He's up beat; he's positive, great attitude all the time."

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