Four arrested in robbery and carjacking attempts

Suspects apprehended

Phil Scott/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - By the time the patrol cars surrounded a white ford in a north Indianapolis tool rental yard,  its four occupants were still empty-handed, police say it wasn't for a lack of violent and life-threatening attempts to change that.

One of the suspects said he didn't do anything. He was just given a ride, but the ride seemed far different to those who described to police their encounters with the white Crown Victoria and its distinctive chrome search light.

One driver the ford bumped into on 38th street near Keystone thought it was a fender bender,  not a possible carjacking, until he saw a gun.  But then something caused the four males inside to speed away.

Police indentify the team as Anthony Williams, Jajuan Moore, Sean Mial, and a juvenile whom the victim said carried the handgun.

A few minutes after the attempted carjacking, a call came from the Riverbend Apartments near 86th & allisonville, where a woman opened the door after a male voice said he was with maintenance.

"The apartment owner initially opened the door, realized something was suspicious,sid Sgt. Gerry Hepp of the Fishers Police Department. "The suspects tried to force entry. She fought back and got it shut and locked.  They ran off."

They drove next, police say, to 96th & Allisonville  and not only showed the gun but pulled the trigger trying to rob a man who just left an ATM.  But the gun didn't fire and they drove off.

Next stop was near 96th & I-69.  The Crown Vic tried to corner a car in a parking lot, in another possible carjacking attempt.  But the intended victim drove away.

"They were out attempting to rob people, said Sgt Paul Thompson of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police. "But there wasn't a plan.  And they weren't very good at it, thank goodness."

All four have been charged with attempted robbery and attempted carjacking.  The 17-year-old is expected to be charged as an adult and face and additional firearms charge as the only one, police say, who carried the gun.