Foster father accused in abuse of infant that resulted in 35 fractures


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - What police say happened in a home on a quiet east side cul-de-sac shattered bones and shattered a family.

Kyle Rice, 26, is charged with physically abusing his now-two-month-old foster daughter.

Doctors say the baby suffered up to 35 fractures to a leg, ribs, hands and feet.

“He’s a monster to kids. He’s a monster to any family,” said Michelle, the birth mother to three other children who live at the same residence.

Kyle Rice
Kyle Rice

Police say it happened just before Christmas. Court papers say the infant was particularly fussy while mom was gone, “spitting out milk from her bottle and had an accident while Kyle Rice changed her diaper.”

An affidavit says the child “continued to cry and wouldn’t calm down.” At that point Rice allegedly admits “he squeezed her forcefully against his body...bending her legs backwards towards her back.” He then put the baby on an ottoman and squeezed her hands and feet together.

“He squeezed her for about ten seconds and he knew he had done it too hard,” police said.

The doctor told police if the baby wasn’t removed from the abuser’s home right away “she is at significant risk of further, possibly fatal, injury.”

“It’s messed up,” said a neighbor. “I think he should get whatever he has coming but there is no excuse, period."

This neighbor said he taught some of the Rice kids to ride bikes.

“It bothers me more that they’re adoptive parents,” the neighbor said.

Parents who would have been screened by the system. Kyle Rice and his wife have one birth child, plus the newborn foster child who was injured and three children they brought in as foster kids then adopted last year.

“This family was perfect," Michelle said. “They’re churchgoers.”

Michelle is the birthmother of the three foster kids the Rice family just adopted. As an open adoption, Michelle has outings with her children. The injured infant is not hers but now she worries for the others.

“I feel like this wasn’t just a first-time thing,” she said. “You’re not a parent, you’re not a foster parent if you can harm a child like that. That’s not right.”

Investigators continued their work at the suspect’s house Thursday night.

Michelle said she’ll have a lot of questions for police and for state officials when she gets back to Indiana.

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