Former social worker enjoys new life as active artist

(WTHR Photo: Chuck Lofton)

BROWN COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) – The cold breeze and bright sun are just perfect for Bill Hastings.

The former Lawrence Township resident has made Bean Blossom his home since he retired and changed his career from social worker to active artist.

Bill chose the Bean Blossom overlook on a brisk morning because the lighting was just right as he worked on a painting of the changing leaves.

(WTHR Photo: Chuck Lofton)

When finished he is going to give it to his granddaughter as a lifelong reminder of the joy of living in this county.

Although he enjoyed his prior career, Bill always wanted to paint full time and is now thrilled with his new life in a place where art is a major focus.

He is active in a local church, is a member of the Brown County Art Alliance and can get fried biscuits and apple butter any time he wants.

For Bill Hastings the beauty of Brown County is not just for three weeks in October - it’s all year long.

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