Former prosecutor warns danger extends beyond Nassar

Deborah Daniels spoke to Eyewitness News about her investigation into USA Gymnastics. (WTHR Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — As stories emerged about the sexual abuse of young gymnasts and questions about how the sport's governing body handled reports of that abuse, USA Gymnastics began a hard look its programs.

Former federal prosecutor Deborah Daniels spent months reviewing USA Gymnastics and interviewing more than 150 people.

In June of 2017, she recommended policy and procedural changes for the organization designed to help protect young athletes.

Now, she's talking exclusively with WTHR anchor AnneMarie Tiernon about those recommendations and what all parents can learn from this situation.

"I think everybody's focus right now is on Nassar, but there is a big world out there of danger," Daniels told Tiernon.

Daniels noted that what has been learned with USA Gymnastics is important for athletes and organizers in other sports as well.

"One of the books that I read had to do with the similarities between gymnastics and figure skating… that these are young girls. They go through a very similar experience and they are similarly at risk," she said.

Daniels and Tiernon also spoke about the ongoing investigations into USA Gymnastics about officials there might have known about Nassar and other abusive coaches and adults and what the organization did with that information.

When Tiernon asked Daniels if she thought "more heads would roll," Daniels responded that she should more people would likely be charged or face consequences.

You can hear more of AnneMarie Tiernon’s exclusive interview with Daniels Monday at 6pm on Eyewitness News.

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