Former Colt Jack Trudeau arrested

Jack Trudeau

Lynsay Clutter/Eyewitness news

Zionsville - A former Indianapolis Colts player faces charges of supplying alcohol to minors.

Former quarterback Jack Trudeau allegedly hosted a party for high school seniors, providing the graduates with alcohol. But police broke it up, and arrested not only Trudeau, but students, as well.

The Boone County Sheriff has a message for Park Tudor parents: if your child's car keys are in a bucket that he has, give him a call.

"Schedule an appointment with me, cause I am interested in talking with you and that young person who was at that party," said Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell.

The keys were collected at the door during a graduation party hosted by former Colts Quarterback Jack Trudeau. Police broke it up after receiving calls for noise and underage drinking. 

"When the young people at the party saw those officers, they fled, which led officers to believe that there was something illegal afoot. The officers went to the rear of the residence and saw open containers of alcoholic beverages, beer, rum and so on," said Campbell.

Police  got a search warrant, and gave everyone at the party a portable breath test - 13 young people tested positive for underage drinking.

Twelve were arrested, one juvenile was released to parents. Five were arrested for resisting law enforcement for hiding in the woods. Trudeau was arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

"These aren't bad people we're arresting, they've made some bad choices. But we've got to be involved so that these bad choices don't let them get hurt," said Sheriff Campbell.

Six different law enforcement agencies from around the county broke up last night's party, and police say you can expect that same kind of vigilant response to underage drinking, not only during graduation time, but throughout the rest of the year.

"We want people to understand that if you host an underage party, or if you're going to attend one, understand we're going to do everything we can do to be there. Add us to your guest list," said Campbell.

It's all part of the county's "Party Crashers" campaign. Taking keys to make sure kids don't drive is not obeying the law.

Sheriff Campbell said, "What are we teaching them when we allow them to do that? It's OK to break the law this time if I say it's OK? That's flat wrong." 

Sheriff Campbell says more adults could be charged if police find evidence they were aware alcohol was brought in and consumed by minors.

Jack Trudeau has run into trouble with the law before:

  • On Feb. 13, 1987, in what became known as the "Friday the 13th brawl," Trudeau was arrested after striking a policeman who was trying to break up a fight at a Downtown bar.
  • On April 10, 1990, Trudeau was arrested for driving while intoxicated.