Former British Prime Minister Cameron speaks at DePauw University

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron

GREENCASTLE, Ind. (WTHR) - Former British Prime Minister David Cameron was in central Indiana Thursday night for a speech at DePauw University.

The speech is Cameron's first since stepping down as prime minister in July after the Brexit vote.

Cameron talked about some of the historic events of 2016, including Brexit, the U.S. presidential election and where we will go from here.

"I stand here as a great optimist about how we can combat populism. It may seem off that I'm so optimistic, after all, the rise of populism cost me my job," he said.

At one point during his speech, Cameron referenced the burning of the White House by British troops during the War of 1812.

"This last time Britain had a prime minister my age was about 200 years ago and that ended up with the British invading North America and burning down the White House," Cameron said. "So, uh, if you're watching your politics recently I wonder, maybe, if you’ll do it yourself."

Cameron is the sixth British prime minister to visit DePauw's campus.