Forecast for excessive heat, humidity means it's time to check your AC system

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - With high temperatures and humidity in the forecast, you'll probably want to take a close look at your air conditioner.

Part of being weather aware is knowing that your AC will be working overtime, and that simple system cleaning can help keep things in working order.

In fact, repair experts say dirt is the most common air conditioner killer. They estimate that dirty filters lead to 80 percent of the breakdowns.

When you check your air filter and find it dirty, replace it right away. Typically, they're only good for three or four months.

You'll also want to go outside and cut down weeds or bushes that are too close to the AC unit. They can get in the way of good airflow.

And check the unit itself to make sure it's not clogged with dirt or grass clippings.

"It can cause the coils to freeze up," said Josh Carey of Williams Comfort Air. "You get ice, then you notice no air flow inside the house. The furnace is trying to force air through a big sheet of ice. It can also cause part failures on the indoor unit or outdoor unit, and you've got nothing and you have to call us."

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