For some, mud a major factor in track exodus


SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WTHR) - Getting out of the track was a challenge for some after Sunday’s race.

Boles, IMS President, also shared via social media that part of traffic issue was due to at least seven accidents on roads and interstates near the track, along with traffic lights flashing after a late afternoon storm.

Speedway police said traffic didn’t get back to normal until about 8:30 pm.

Besides the traffic issues outside the track, it was mud that hampered many motorists from heading toward the exits.

Some Indy 500 fans said this year’s race would go down in history as one of the muddiest they’d ever experienced.

The ground was already soaked to begin with because of rain earlier in the week, but a storm that blew threw in the hour after the race made things much worse.

After an afternoon of enjoying the greatest spectacle in racing, cars and campers getting stuck in the mud (and tow trucks pulling them out of places like the Coke lot) became its very own spectacle.

“There she sits, and that’s it... that’s it for the moment,” said Thomas Martiny, Louisville, his Toyota Camry stuck in several feet of mud.

“It rocked back and forth about two inches and that’s as really as much as it got and then just kind of kept going down,” said Martiny.

“We’re just sitting here laughing because we’ve never seen this,” said Adam Turkelson, as he watched a tow truck driver hook up cables to Martiny’s car.

“Hook it up, winch it out, get ‘em going,” said Robert Skirvin with Garner’s Towing. Skirvin had already spent the afternoon pulling out several vehicles from the mud even before the race ended.

“They just think if they’re stuck and they give it gas, it’ll go and that’s definitely not the case,” said Skirvin’s co-worker, Ian Monrob.

“It’s like a mud track back in the holler or something,” said Bonnie Lyons, laughing as she sat in a chair, watching people try to leave.

“This is my fourth year coming and that’s about as worse as I’ve seen it yet,” said Stefanie Christie.

“Definitely the muddiest, but it’s fun. Can’t do nothing about it,” added Christie’s friend, Cynthia Marcus.

“It stinks. It’s all stuck to your vehicles all the way home. It’s bad,” said race fan Bernie Wujcik.

“There’s been a couple years where it’s been real muddy, but we’ve never seen anything like this before ever,” said Adam Turkelson.

A bright spot? Well, the towing didn’t cost race fans a cent. IMS paid for it, so the only thing getting stuck in the mud cost drivers was time and patience.