Football team shows up for boy's birthday party after learning he only got 1 RSVP from classmates


MERIDIAN, Idaho (WTHR) – An Idaho mother has shared her appreciation for a local high school football team after they showed their support for her son with autism.

Lindsay Larsen said her 9-year-old son Christian had been asking her to throw him a birthday party for years and she finally decided to give in.

Christian wanted to invite his whole class, so Lindsay made invitations, they sent them out and waited.

After waiting a few days, they only received one RSVP.

"When days passed and I didn't hear anything, I thought perhaps Christian forgot to pass them out, Then I heard from one," Larsen said in the Facebook post. "He did get them out ... We waited a couple more days, but still no 'yes's or no's.' I know a lot of people just don't, so I was hoping that's all that was going on."

That's when one of Larsen's friends saw the post and contacted Dan Holtry, a football coach at Nampa High School, according to KTVB.

"The kids, before I could finish the text, it feels like they were like, 'We're in... Coach, we are in!' They were like when do we do it, let's go. I was amazed how much they wanted to participate in this and take care of Christian," Holtry said.

Then it was party time. On June 4, Larsen posted a video of her son Christian being surprised by the football team during his birthday party.

In the video, Christian falls to the ground in shock and then jumps up to high-five each of the boys.

Although only one person RSVP'd to the event, family friends, classmates and children from the neighborhood attended, as well. The appearance of the football players was an added bonus.

"Today was a day with all of the feelings. I can't thank the people enough, who helped it all come together," Larsen wrote on Facebook after the party. "Those High School seniors stayed until the end of the party. They interacted with all of the kids. They played games and got down on the level of the little kids and got them all involved. [...] There is so much good in this world, and when things are hard, the good shines even brighter."

Since the story has been widely shared, Larsen says Christian has been enjoying his new stardom.

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