Florida police turn to social media to shame hurricane looting suspects

Miami Police posted a photo of suspected looters in a jail cell to Facebook Sunday. (Photo: Facebook/Miami Police)

MIAMI (AP) - Police in Florida have arrested nine people who were caught on TV cameras looting sneakers and other goods from a sporting goods store and a pawn shop during Hurricane Irma.

Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione said the group was arrested Sunday as the storm roared across South Florida. Maglione called the idea of stealing sneakers during a hurricane "a fairly bad life choice."

Miami police posted a photo of the suspects sitting in a jail cell to Facebook, where thousands of people have reacted to the public shaming (though police did blur the faces of the suspects).

"Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors" the department posted.

Meanwhile, Fort Lauderdale police have now reported 20 people arrested for burglary during the storm's aftermath. The department has taken to Twitter to show what happens to looters in their town.

Local TV images showed the alleged looters running in and out of a store through a broken window carrying boxes of sneakers.

It wasn't immediately clear what charges those arrested would face. Their identities also were not immediately released.

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