Florida man pays off lunch debts for entire school district, hopes others will follow suit

(Photo: WTHR Staff)

JUPITER, Fla. (WTHR) — Hundreds of students in Palm Beach County Schools had their lunch debt paid off this week.

NBC-affiliate WPTV reports real estate agent Andrew Levy came across a social media post from Angie Vyas-Knight in August.

Her post asked if people could donate to help cover the nearly $1,000 owed in lunch debt from more than 400 students.

"It (the post) hit me in the heart," Levy told WPTV. "A lot of people said they'd like to help and I thought, you know what — it's going to be too difficult to gather these people together. I'm going to clear the first debt."

He even took it a step further by meeting with the food service department at the school district to make sure every dollar was going to the schools.

Levy has started an online fundraiser so that more peopl can easily donate throughout the year to lower the lunch debts. Click here to donate.

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