Florida man fights off alligator that attacked dog during walk


PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WTHR) — A man in Florida is getting praise after saving a family dog when it got attacked by an alligator.

Buddy Ackerman's daughter, Jody, shared the incident on Facebook.

Buddy said when he was walking Jody's dog, Osi, he decided to go near a pond so the dog could do his business. Before Osi could finish, a gator popped out of the water and bit Osi on his backside.

Buddy began to yank on the leash, trying to get the alligator to release Osi from his mouth. When that didn't work, he got closer so he could kick the alligators snout, which did the trick.

Buddy said after two kicks, the alligator let go and went back toward the water.

Thankfully, Jody said both her father and her dog were safe. She joked that she took Osi back to the water to read the warning signs about the alligators in the water.

Wildlife officers removed the alligator the next day.

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