Florida girl delayed carjacker until she knew siblings had fled

(Photo: NBC News)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WTHR) - "Immediately, he came in, opened the door, got his gun out, pointed it and said 'get out of the car, get out of the (expletive) car,'" said Vania Quiroz-Medina.

She was sharing her experience of being carjacked at gunpoint Tuesday in Florida.

First Coast News reported the suspect aimed the gun directly at the girl.

"What if the gun's a real gun? What if it's not a toy gun? What if I die?" she recounted.

The brave 11 year old had gone to at a Jacksonville shopping center with her mother when the assailant approached her.

She said chose not to immediately run away.

"I kept thinking, my little brothers and sisters were still there, so I put my fingers between the door, the back door and the front door and it kept slamming into my fingers. That's how I got the scars."

Once she realized her siblings were no longer there, she ran to get her mom. They called 911.

Police eventually found her family's car at a nearby motel.

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