Flags for Forgotten Soldiers raises awareness about veteran suicide

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Flags for forgotten soldiers
Flags For Forgotten Soldiers

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A moving display went up on the southside today with 660 American flags.

These represent the 660 veterans' lives lost every month to suicide.

Flags for Forgotten Soldiers is a grassroots effort to bring awareness to veteran suicide.

A husband and wife started it when their own son died by suicide after he couldn't get help following the Fort Hood shooting.

They hope to change veterans' health care and better treat veterans with PTSD.

They put up flags in 25 states.

This display is at a home on Morgantown Road just south of the Glenns Valley Nature Park.

22 veterans die by suicide every day in our country.

That crisis for men and women who serve is what's behind this mission.

"I don't think that the average American understands what's going on here," said Howard Berry. "You know, the empty chair at my table is just as empty as the chair of someone that was killed in action. Yet we have no voice. We don't really have a lot of support from anyone and it's pretty much the thoughts and prayers sorry for your loss mentality."

Berry hopes people driving by will see the flags and then see the banner with his son's story and call their lawmakers to affect change.

Berry has also organized a GoFundMe to help support the program that continues honor the forgotten soldiers.

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