FL sheriff's office replaces Facebook 'wanted' photo with mug shot after theft suspect claims innocence

Police in Florida arrested Cody Pierce after he was wanted for stealing $1,000 in merchandise from Walmart. (Photo: DeSoto County Sheriff's Office)

DESOTO COUNTY, Fla. (WTHR) — Be careful what you wish for.

A Florida man learned that lesson the hard way after he took to social media to express his innocence in a crime.

The DeSoto County Sheriff's Office posted a photo of Cody Pierce on Oct. 31, saying he was wanted for stealing more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from Walmart.

The next day, Pierce told his side of the story in the comments, saying he has money, doesn't need to steal, and has a lawyer "just for situations like this who is very hungry for a case of slander and defamation of character."

He went on to ask the sheriff's office to remove his picture because he played no part in the crime.

The sheriff's replied to him, asking him to come to the office so they could remove the wanted photo — and replace it with his booking photo.

To make matters worse, a Florida bail bonds company also commented on the post, saying Pierce owed them money.

Less than a week after Pierce's wanted photo hit Facebook, the sheriff's office kept its word, and posted his mug shot instead.

"Cody 'It wasn't me' Pierce was arrested today in Sarasota County," the department said Nov. 6. "As promised, we are now replacing Cody's previous photo with his booking photo."

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