Five exercises in 15 minutes can get your workout started


If you want to get active, but getting started seems overwhelming, there is an easy solution.

Five moves in just 15 minutes can get you on your way - without equipment or a gym membership!

Stephanie Kaiser at NIFS has a Master's degree in Kinesiology, which is complicated stuff, but she says keeping workouts simple is a lesson learned long ago.

She says the key to getting started is picking five diverse exercises.

"A couple core exercises, upper body, lower body, all mixed in, to get a good total body workout," Kaiser said.

Go through each exercise three times each.

"We are going to do each for 30 seconds," she said as an instructor did a "plank" move.

It works your core and you can start on your knees.

"Once you feel comfortable on that, you can push your knees off the ground and hold steady," Kaiser said.

Next is a squat, demonstrated by instructor Tara Rochford.

"The important thing, always, is to have proper form, so in the 30 seconds do as many as you can with good form," Rochford said.

Over time, you can add a cardio component.

"If you are feeling really great about your squats and you want to add that high-impact option, then jumping is a great way to get your heart rate up," Kaiser said.

After you worked your lower half, push-ups will challenge your chest, shoulders, arms and abs.

"You can get a great workout by doing push-ups on your knees, but if you start to find that you can do them very easily, then start by trying one on your toes and then move up from there," Rochford said. "You'll be surprised how quickly you start to see a difference in your strength."

Then work your backside with a bridge.

"Heels as close to the hips as you can get, then press hips straight to the air," Kaiser said. "If that becomes too easy, she is going to raise one leg off the ground and then she will move and go to one leg."

Finally, a move called "bird dog," extending opposite leg and arm and bringing them together.

"This one really works on trunk stability, so what you want to focus on here is not letting your hips or shoulders come out of alignment," Kaiser said.

The short time it takes to do each exercise means you can fit them in almost anywhere.

"It's good to know that option you can have, maybe when your kid is at soccer practice, waiting for your kid, you could do that while you are waiting there," Kaiser said.