Fishers woman called 'consumer's worst nightmare' gets 57 months in prison


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A 25-year-old Fishers woman was sentenced to 57 months in prison after admitting she used identities of others to get credit cards for fraudulent use.

Arielle Wilkerson's crimes began in 2012, according to United States Attorney Josh Minkler. She pleaded guilty to charges that she "used the identities of victims throughout the United States to obtain new and take-over current credit cards and other financial instruments in the name of these victims for her own personal benefit, such as to purchase gift cards, airline tickets and other personal items."

“This sentence sends a strong message to those out there who steal victims’ identities and profit from the use of those identities, that this behavior is illegal and those who do so will face real consequences,” said Minkler. “Protecting the public from the illegal use of personal information to commit fraud is a priority of this office.”

Minkler's office said that the scheme continued through about March, 2018.

At sentencing, Wilkerson was harshly criticized. The court called her “a consumer’s worst nightmare,” having obtained the names, dates of birth, social security numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account and routing numbers of hundreds of people.

The actual losses in the case exceeded $115,000.

Minkler's release called Wilkerson's criminal history pertaining to fraudulent offenses "extensive."

“The identity theft crimes Wilkerson committed could eventually cause the victims immeasurable time in an effort to clear their good names,” said Patricia Armstrong, Inspector in Charge of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Detroit Division. “Not only did she use the U.S. Mail to further her scheme, but Wilkerson also targeted victims she had previously harmed. With this 57-month sentence, she will have time to reflect on her deeds.”

After release from prison, Wilkerson must also serve four years of supervised release.

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