Fishers Target reopens after morning fire

Target customers and employees gathered at the nearby Steak 'n Shake.

The Super Target store in Fishers was evacuated due to a fire Tuesday morning. The store reopened at 1:00 pm.

Ron Lipps with the Fishers Fire Department says the fire appears to have started at around 9:00 am in a storage room at the rear of the store. A single fire sprinkler head above the machinery contained the fire, but there was a lot of smoke in the store that had to be vented.

Fishers FD believe the fire started when some contractors were using a torch to make repairs on a cardboard baler.

A firefighter had a very minor injury during clean-up.

Target employees initiated their emergency plan and had the store evacuated by the time fire trucks were arriving. By around noon, they were being allowed back in. The store was back open by 1:00 pm.

Health department inspectors were evaluating if there was any product damage.

The store is located at 11750 Commercial Drive near 116th Street. The nearby Steak 'n Shake was used as a "safety point" for evacuated Target shoppers and employees.