Fishers native turning heads with his voice at Olympics

Adam Keifer has become a worldwide sensation for his songs during mic checks at the Olympic press center.

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — (WTHR) Everywhere you go in the world it seems you run into a Hoosier.

That includes the Olympics in South Korea, where Dave Calabro ran into a Fishers man with a unique talent.

Twenty-two-year-old Adam Kiefer is non-stop energy. The 2013 Hamilton Southeastern High School graduate loves life and is loving his job at the Olympics.

He runs the main Olympics press center, which means long hours and non-stop planning.

"I love it. I think it's incredible. We are in charge of just making sure all of the athletes' voices are heard. We just make sure everything runs smoothly," he said.

He makes sure everybody is in the right frame of mind before the press conferences start.

"I was just kind of performing my mic check and somebody yelled out, 'Sing a song!' and I was, like, 'Okay' and that song was just literally right there, so I just went for it and started singing," Kiefer said.

The video of Adam's performance went viral on social media, so now, before every press conference, the members of the media look forward to what he will sing next.

"Honestly, I can't plan for these things...just whatever comes to me," he said. "There's too many other things to think about at these press conferences."

"I like to have fun with it. The Olympics are an incredible event and everybody's here for the sport, the athletes, to have fun, contribute to the spirit and I just like to do that in whatever way I can," Kiefer said.

Singing in front of an international audience and it all started in Fishers, Indiana.

Adam has no idea what will happen next for him after the Olympics, but after this attention, maybe he'll end up on Broadway.