'First Family': Pete Buttigieg, husband featured on cover of TIME


SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WTHR) — Could the United States see its first First Family centered on a same-sex couple after the 2020 election?

TIME Magazine isn't the first to ask the question since Mayor Pete Buttigieg's vault from near-obscurity outside the Hoosier State to top-tier presidential candidate, but they're making it a focus placing the South Bend Democrat and his husband, Chasten, on their cover.

Whether you consider him the culmination of a deterioration of American values, or the symbol that America's demons are finally being slain - both sides of the political spectrum have come to the realization they can no longer just fall back on a quick joke about not knowing how to pronounce his name.

Rivals are scrambling to find dirt on him; a far-Right activist is accused of fabricating a sex scandal to tarnish him; and this year's valedictorian at Brigham Young - the flagship Latter-day Saints university - came out as gay during his commencement address, later citing Buttigieg's candidacy as inspiration.

Beyond being a veteran and Harvard-educated Rhodes scholar who is fluent in eight languages, he's attracting a lot of attention for breaking the political mold Americans have grown used to. Politicians tend to focus on drawing differences between themselves and those on the other side of the aisle. Buttigieg has made a concerted effort not to simply juxtapose himself against conservatives, but to embrace every opportunity he can get to explain his progressive ideals to a conservative audience.

“If the substance of your ideas is progressive but there’s mistrust about them among conservatives, you have three choices,” Buttigieg told TIME. “One is to just change your ideas and make them more conservative. The second is to sort of be sneaky and try to make it seem like your ideas are more conservative than they are. And the third, the approach that I favor, is to stick to your ideas, but explain why conservatives shouldn’t be afraid of them.”

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