Firefighters deliver baby at Massachusetts fire station


NEWBURYPORT, MA (WBTS) - Three Newburyport fire fighters were called heroes after helping to deliver a baby at the fire department. But they say - "We were just doing our jobs."

Complete strangers meeting for the second time in the most intimate of places: the delivery ward.

The first time they met was during the most intimate of events.

Memory Chihwayi was giving birth in her car.

Coming from Haverhill, her husband looked for a place they could stop and get help knowing they wouldn't make it to the hospital in time.

But baby Jayden was coming like it or not and in that moment they spotted the Newburyport Fire Department, and they were in luck, because just like the Newburyport fire truck logos say Josh, Robert, and John are always ready.

"I looked in there and I saw it and I was going to say call 911 but I didn't because we are 911," explained firefighters Josh Mesina.

These three firefighters and this family not even knowing the other existed now bonded forever in one of the greatest joys.

Baby Jayden was born right there, all 8 pounds and 6 ounces of him.

The only complication is the umbilical chord was wrapped around his neck, but the firefighters took care of that right away.

Mom and baby are healthy and went home Friday.

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