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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Mother's Day is just around the corner, which means many people are probably still looking for the perfect gift for mom.

Trying to repay moms for all they do turns out to be a tough task. A national study found monetizing the amount of work most moms do around the house would equate to about $70,000 per year.

While most of us don't have that sort of extra cash lying around, there are some more affordable gifts that will still show mom you care.

  • Mason jar herb gardens - These glass gardens are great for moms who love gardening and cooking. The jars self-regulate moisture, so it makes growing herbs indoors very simple.
  • Woven circle basket planter - The perfect gift for moms who have a green thumb but can't keep plants in the house thanks to pets or kids. The basket can hang out of reach of furry friends and tiny tots.
  • Clear quartz heart - This gift is great for a spiritual mom who is all about spreading good vibes. Some believe quartz is a healing stone, and it is supposed to amplify the energy of other crystals around it.
  • Retro tea kettle - Smeg has an electric kettle that has the classic look of '50s kitchen appliances. While it looks retro, it has all the bells and whistles of the latest kitchen technology. Perfect for the mom who likes to get her day started — or wind down after a long day — with a cup of tea.
  • Stand mixer - Another kitchen appliance that may catch mom's eye is a stand mixer from KitchenAid. Like the tea kettle, it has a retro look but with 10 speeds and more than 10 optional attachments, it's got all the latest innovations.
  • Bluetooth speaker - Get one that can clip on to clothes or key chains for easy portability.
  • Wireless earbuds - Maybe mom has had her eye on Bluetooth earbuds but understandably hasn't wanted to drop the cash on Apple's AirPods. You don't have to either. TaoTronics wireless ear buds have great Amazon reviews and are only $46.
  • Facebook portal - Facebook's device for video calling with Amazon's Alexa built-in.

If your mom's love language is quality time, there are a number of options to satisfy her needs. From painting parties to wine fairs, there's something for moms all across Indiana.

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