Fighters, survivors and thrivers prepare for Saturday's Race for the Cure

Race for the Cure in Indianapolis 2018. (WTHR Staff)
Survivors, advocates celebrate recovery in Race for the Cure
Race for the Cure tomorrow
Race for the Cure
Race for the Cure

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Race for the Cure in Indianapolis is on Saturday.

Thousands of survivors and thrivers will be hitting the streets for a great cause.

The money raised by the event helps provide screenings, treatment and education services for breast cancer patients.

Susan G. Komen has spent nearly $30 million on research right here in central Indiana over the past 20 years.

The Race for the Cure is also one of the biggest gatherings for breast cancer survivors and their families. It’s a celebration of the women and men who have fought the disease and come out on top and a time to recognize those who we have lost to the disease.

For one woman named Darlene, the event symbolizes means a lot to her, a two-time cancer survivor.

"This is a great weekend to celebrate recovery from cancer," she said. "It's just an awesome thing to experience and let you know that you have other survivors with you."

Darlene is in town with a group of eight women, some coming from as far as New York. They say they've formed a sisterhood throughout their time battling cancer.

Some survivors use the race as an opportunity to give back to an organization that fights for what they believe in.

"I'm a nine-year survivor, my mother's a 12-year survivor, I have a cousin who's a three-year survivor, and I have an aunt that's a five-year survivor," said one volunteer. "It's hit my family pretty hard. Being able to give back to the fantastic."

Volunteers stress that Race for the Cure is not just a race or a fundraiser. It's a celebration.

"It's absolutely a celebration of life. ... We always take a time to reflect the people that went before us; the people that didn't get to the part of the journey that we're at; the one's that we lost too soon."

Registration is still open and you can also register day of at Military Park Saturday morning until 9 a.m.