Fifty bikers give bullied Indiana boy ride to school

50 bikers escorted 11-year-old Phil Mick to school Tuesday. (Submitted photo via WPTA)
Julian Teekaram

AUBURN, Ind. (WPTA) - A community of Indiana motorcycle riders stepped up in an amazing show of support for a young boy who was being bullied.

Tammy Mick says the bullying was so bad, her son Phil considered committing suicide.

"They called me fat. Sometimes, kids would come up and kick me in the wrong areas," Phil said.

His mom says the teasing at DeKalb Middle School became so extreme, her son told her he didn't want to live anymore.

"It hurts a lot. So that's why I'm thanking Brent and everybody for being there, because if it wasn't for them, I don't know what Phil would do this year," Tammy said.

Brent Warfield organized the ride to help Phil. (Submitted photo via WPTA)
Brent Warfield organized the ride to help Phil. (Submitted photo via WPTA)

So she reached out to the community for help.

And they responded.

Fifty bikers escorted Phil to school Tuesday and prayed for him. They also bought him school supplies and new clothes.

"The motorcycle community is big on trying to get help for teenage suicide and bullying for the kids. It's just crazy. It's an epidemic these days," said Brent Warfield, director of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts, who organized the ride.

Warfield says Phil was glowing on the back of his bike - the first time the boy had ridden a motorcycle - and if any bullies want to mess with him, Phil knows where to turn.

"We're there for you, Phil," he said. "If you need us, reach out buddy."

Phil said the first day of school was a success and he feels his biker buddies are to thank for that.

"I got a guardian angel watching over me," he said.

United Motorcycle Enthusiasts are holding a ride event on September 23 to bring awareness to teenage bullying and suicide.

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