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Mom's relatable Facebook post goes viral after daughter leaves dirty sock on bathroom floor

If your kids have every left dirty laundry on the floor, you're sure to relate.
Credit: Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS — A mom is going viral after a relatable Facebook post showing a special bathroom art exhibit she created.

Xep Campbell said she found her daughter's dirty sock on the bathroom floor on Thanksgiving evening. Instead of tossing it in the laundry, she left it there to see how long it would take her daughter to pick it up.

One week later, it was still on the bathroom floor, so she decided to do something special. She printed a card that resembled label in a museum to identify a work of art, titling it, "The Forgotten Sock." Campbell said she hoped it would motivate her daughter to pick up the item. Instead, her daughter beat her at her own game and put the sock on a pedestal to really put it on display.

Then, Campbell added figurines of barnyard animals to give the art an audience.

The Facebook post quickly made the rounds, garnering more than 130,000 shares and 2,000 comments.

In an update to the post, Campbell said she never thought it would go viral.

"My daughter and I have a wonderful, communicative relationship," she wrote. "We are very silly together and understand the importance of being ridiculous and absurd."

She then said she didn't plan to do anything further — like writing a book or somehow making money off the post as some suggested — but she did encourage everyone who enjoyed it to donate to an organization called the Jumping Mouse Children's Center. The organization offers therapy to children in need.