FDA recalls tuna steaks sold at Kroger over illness concerns

File photo of raw tuna steak on a wooden cutting board. (Shutterstock/Patryk Kosmider)

WASHINGTON (WTHR) - The FDA is advising consumers not to eat yellowfin tuna steaks sold at Kroger stores in Indiana.

The FDA was made aware last week of several consumer who showed symptoms of scombroid poisoning after eating tuna steaks sold at three separate Kroger stores in Ohio. The steaks were sold at the seafood counter or in store-prepped Styrofoam trays.

The affected steaks have sell by dates from August 29, 2019 to September 14, 2019. Kroger urges customers who have purchased the tuna steaks to throw them out or return them to the store.

According to the FDA, symptoms of scombroid poisoning are similar to an allergic reaction, including flushing of the face, headache, heart palpatations, itching, blurred vision, cramps and diarrhea. The symptoms can usually be treated with antihistamines and usually clear up in 12 hours, even without treatment.

If you suspect you're experiencing the symptoms of scombroid poisoning, call your doctor. If you recently ate the affected tuna and experienced symptoms, report it to your local health department.

The alert is part of an advisory that covers 16 states, including Indiana.

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