FBI involved in investigation of overnight threats that closed Plainfield, Danville schools Thursday

Danville High School

Plainfield schools have closed Thursday following an online threat overnight. Police say that same threat may have moved to Danville schools, also prompting that corporation to cancel classes for the day.

Police worked all day patrolling and watching the closed schools. Half a dozen officers, including an explosive detection dog, searched the high school where the online threat promised a blood bath brought about with pipe bombs, handguns and an assault rifle.

"The time is nearly here. I am shaking with excitement. I want to leave a trail of death and fire at Plainfield."

The individual wrote the threats on Facebook, aiming violence at an individual student and all those around her, promising: 

"I will slaughter the entire class and save you for last."

"We believe the threats are credible at this time we have no reason to believe they are not credible," said Plainfield Police Capt. Jill Lees.

Police have worked night and day trying to identify the individual and their location.

"You have to realize this is a digital crime and these types of crime take time to investigate, it can be a slow and tedious process," Lees said.

Overnight in nearby Danville, police cracked a similar threat of violence. They arrested two students, ages 14 and 17. One was overheard threatening to bring a gun to the high school and shoot the place up. When police picked him up, the second student jumped online. 

"Started making statements. 'You can't get all of this, I will continue what he is doing,' which is a threat and intimidation," said Danville Police Chief Bill Wright.

Just when it appeared safe for Danville schools to open, Plainfield closed its schools. The person making threats there expanded the threats to include schools in Danville, where administrators decided to close as well. Thursday was scheduled to be the last day of school before winter break.

The FBI is assisting local police in the investigation.

"We're just flat out not going to put up with it," Chief Wright said at a news conference Thursday morning. "We're not going to deal with it. We're going to put them in jail."

Police say the social media threats against Danville are connected to the ones against Plainfield and the suspects could face several charges related to intimidation, as well as other charges.

Police say they are continuing to investigate then new threat and they will catch the culprit.

"This is a new age for us... it just blew up," Wright said of backtracking online threats to the source.

The Plainfield school district released a statement saying: 

"All Plainfield Community School Corporation schools will be closed today, Thursday, December 17. A threat has been directed to the high school, and the safety and security of all students is our highest priority, School officials have been working with the Plainfield Police Department throughout the night.

We will continue working with public safety officials, as this is an ongoing investigation.  School will resume on January 4.

Repeating:  The safety and security of all students is our highest priority, and the entire corporation campus will be closed today, Thursday, December 17. No further statements are planned at this time."

Danville schools released this statement: 

"Due to newly received threats toward the school system received overnight, Danville schools will be CLOSED Thursday, December 17 for students and all staff. School will resume in January."

The new threat is unrelated to one toward Danville schools late Wednesday, which police say involved a rumor that a student would bring a gun to class.