Faulty sprinkler head causes flooding, damage at Kohl's in Columbus

A faulty sprinkler head caused damage to the Kohl's in Columbus Saturday afternoon. (Columbus Fire Department)

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WTHR) — A faulty sprinkler head caused major damage and flooding at a popular department store in Columbus Saturday afternoon.

Investigators believe the incident occurred as a result of a faulty sprinkler head. (Columbus Fire Department)

Columbus firefighters were called to the Kohl's in the 700 block of Creekview Drive just before 2:45 p.m. after a fire alarm was manually pulled.

When firefighters arrived, they found an activated sprinkler head spraying water near the cashier area of the store.

Officials said the sprinkler released a large amount of water and caused portions of the ceiling to collapse to the floor.

Firefighters said the entrance floor was flooded with approximately half an inch of water and merchandise near the cashier area was affected.

Firefighters were able to turn off water flow to the sprinkler system but also had to turn off the electric service to the building.

There were no injuries, and no value has been determined from the damage caused.

Kohl's representatives told investigators they believe the store may be closed until early next week due to the damage.

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