Father says group of teens and two adults attacked his son

An Indianapolis man said his son was attacked by a group of teens and even a few adults.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A little boy says he was beat up by a group of kids who were trying to steal his bike.

But he wasn't the only one to get hurt.

"It was total chaos out here," said John Meredith, describing the scene outside his house Wednesday night.

The chaos was all captured by a neighbor's doorbell camera across the street from Meredith's house. In the video, you see Meredith's son Braydon on the ground being attacked by a group of teens, who the 12-year-old said tried to steal his bike earlier at nearby Christian Park.

"One came up and was like, 'Let me get the bike,'" Braydon said one of the kids said to him. "I was like, 'I will dial 911. I'm not scared to dial 911."

Instead, he went to the park's community center to find his dad who was there for a neighborhood crime watch meeting. At that point, Braydon says the teens didn't follow him.

When he told his dad what happened, Meredith told his son to go home.

"Everyone was gone. So I figured, it was OK. He'll be OK," Meredith explained.

When Braydon decided to ride home, though, he said the group spotted him leaving the park and followed him.

Meredith pulled up to his house minutes later to find his son surrounded by the teens. Moments later, he said two women showed up in cars and got out, joining the group.

"What kind of parents come and egg your kids on to attack another kid?" Meredith asked, saying the women were encouraging their kids to fight.

When Meredith confronted the adults, that's when he says the teens came after his son.

"They waited until I was over here angry with the parents and they snuck around here and got him," Meredith explained, saying they knocked his son to the ground and started punching and kicking him.

"I say, 'Hey you guys need to leave,'" said a neighbor, who tried to intervene.

She didn't want her face on camera or her name used.

"I'm scared for my life. I'm scared for my life," she said.

That's because of what the woman said happened to her for trying to stop the fight.

"The next thing I know, I'm being attacked by six or eight teenagers," she explained.

The video shows the teens surrounding her, getting her on the ground and attacking her.

"They punched me in the back of the head, kicked me, they've got me on the ground," she explained, saying one of the teens' parents broke it up and then came at her, too.

"Hit me in my mouth and then cussed me out," the woman explained.

All with her toddler watching from the front door.

Another neighbor called 911 but the group left before police came, with one of the teens taking off with Braydon's bike.

The family said despite what happened, they love the neighborhood and want to stay there. That's why they've installed cameras all around their house. They say they're not taking any chances.

"I hope they're held accountable. I hope there's some kind of action taken, because if not, it's going to happen again," said Meredith.

Police are still investigating the incident. So far, no charges have been filed.