Fans blast McDaniels after decision to pass on Colts job


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Even if you're not from Indianapolis or a fan of the Colts, Josh McDaniels’ shocking about-face makes you feel for this team.

After agreeing to terms with the team for the head coaching job, McDaniels suddenly announced Tuesday that he would stay in his current position with the New England Patriots.

The development was more than frustrating to local Colts fans.

Eyewitness News talked to several people downtown late Tuesday to get their take on McDaniels calling an audible. Listed below are the responses we’ll simply attribute to “several fans chosen at random.”

"Josh McDaniel? He shouldn't back out because look, I'm saying we need him. Colts need him."

"I don't really know. I think it's kind of a disrespect of the team. You don't want to come to Indianapolis? It's a good team, good hometown. (I) live here, born and raised."

"Really? Well that sucks for the Colts."

But one fan we talked with had a different point of view.

"We're grateful for that. He's not the guy for us. He's never been the guy for us. The right guy will come our way."

And finally, one man, headed to the door of a downtown business, had this succinct view:

"That is unbelievable. The Colts, for god’s sake. What a bunch of crap."

In a statement late Tuesday, the Colts said the search for a head coach would resume immediately.