Family's handicap accessible van stolen on New Years

(Photo: Deanna Parson/Facebook)
Mobility Van Stolen from Family's Driveway
Mobility van stolen from family's driveway

WHITELAND, Ind. (WTHR) – A disappointing surprise to start the new year for a Whiteland man, who went outside and found something missing from his driveway.

The first day of 2019 did not start the way Patrick Parson had hoped for.

"I backed up and realized I should not have been able to back up," said Parson. "Turned around and noticed the van was missing. Went inside to make sure everyone was home who should be home and realized I needed to call the Greenwood Police Department."

The family's 2010 Dodge Caravan, especially equipped to assist his son Tyler, had been stolen.

"It is a van equipped for Tyler so it has a wheelchair ramp on the side," said Parson. "The passenger side so there are no seats in the middle so his wheelchair can fit in there. It's really his only way for transportation," he continued.

Tyler, who has muscular dystrophy, uses the van to get to classes at IUPUI and to help his grandmother.

"It's a little frustration because I am starting to figure out what I can do and what I can't do," Tyler said.

"To replace the van would be $70,000 just for the equipment he needs to be able to get around," Patrick Parson added.

So today, all Tyler can do is wait and hope that Greenwood police will get a tip in the case.

"It's something that we use. It is something that we need," said Patrick Parson about his son. "Something he needs to continue his education and having the life he has with his friends. So it's very important that we get it back."

For Tyler this is only another obstacle to be overcome, with help.

"I believe in God and I have faith in him and everything is going to take care of itself," Tyler added.

"We are hoping somebody finds it. That those who took it will realize how important it is to us. To him," Patrick pointed out.