Family waits for apology after doctor drops baby on its head during delivery

Derrick Rogers was recording when a doctor dropped his newborn daughter on her head. (Photo: Derrick Rogers via KPNX-TV)

CHANDLER, Ariz. (WTHR) — An Arizona family is still waiting for an apology from a doctor that dropped their newborn daughter on her head.

Derrick Rogers was recording as his wife Monique gave birth to twin girls, Morgan and Madison, at an Arizona hospital in February. Video the couple posted to Facebook shows Morgan slipping from the doctor's hands, landing head first on a table after a nearly 10-inch fall. The baby's legs hit close to the edge of the table, sending other attendees reaching out to keep her from falling to the floor.

The doctor picked Morgan up, rubbed her head and wiped her with a blanket.

(WARNING: The video below may be disturbing to some viewers)

The new mom said the incident "traumatized me then, but having to relive this is not something I wanted to do."

The couple told 12 News in Phoenix they are worried about possible head trauma to their daughter and long-term effects. An ultrasound showed Morgan had a grade one hemorrhage, but it wasn't known if it was from being dropped or because she and her sister had been born prematurely, as many twins are.

Derrick and Monique say the hospital at least owes them an apology, saying the doctor was "speechless" when he saw the video, but still never apologized.

The family is considering legal action, say it's not about money, but making sure it doesn't happen again.

"I just wanted people to know what happened to my baby," Monique said. "As a mother, you’re supposed to be there to protect her and I felt like I wasn’t there to protect her when she was born. I couldn’t stop them from being rough with her or him holding her with one hand, I couldn’t stop him. I don’t know if she’ll be hurt for the rest of her life."

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