Family sues Warren Township district after sex misconduct allegations

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - On Thursday, we expect to hear from a family who is suing the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township after a teacher and softball coach was alleged to have had a sexual relationship with their daughter.

(Photo: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

According to court documents, Brittany Mang previously admitted to police about the sexual contact between her and the 15-year-old student. The victim said her relationship with Mang started out "motherly" and then turned "sexual in nature."

Trial in the criminal allegations against Mang is scheduled to start October 7.

A news conference with the alleged victim's family and attorney is set for Thursday at 10:30 a.m.

We reached out to the school district for comment on the civil suit. They have not responded. At the time of the May 2019 allegations, an MSD of Warren Township spokesperson provided this statement:

We have been notified of the results of the investigation concerning charges brought against one of our former employees. Throughout the investigation we have cooperated with authorities to the extent we were called upon. Although we cannot respond to the allegations specifically, we want everyone to know that we take seriously the responsibility and trust parents bestow on us to educate and protect their children when in our care. When an individual is accused of violating that trust, it should be, and is, an affront to us all. We will continue to be vigilant in our purpose to provide a safe and quality educational experience to the 12,000-plus students who come through our doors on a daily basis and will hold all of our employees to the highest standard of care. Dennis Jarrett, Director of Media and Community Relations.

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